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The Future of Real Estate and Mortgage Partnerships




AMP Mortgage is an end-to-end, full-service mortgage consulting firm helping real estate professionals launch independently owned and operated mortgage brokerages

By creating the future of real estate and mortgage partnerships, AMP Mortgage offers a turnkey, private-label, entirely independently owned mortgage brokerage to real estate teams and professionals. AMP does the work, from end-to-end, with a complete setup of accounting, employee onboarding licensing, legal & compliance, and services, all backed by innovative technology.  

Why AMP?

  • Capture 1% of mortgage revenue on every buyer transaction.

  • Retain more buyers by offering high-quality mortgage products.

  • Quality loan processing system to reduce fallout.

  • Transparent communication between agent, loan officer, and buyer.

  • Dedicated loan officer and staff for your real estate brokerage or team.

Capture 1% of mortgage revenue on every buyer transaction. 

Legally vetted and fully RESPA compliant.

How to Get Started?

  • Must close a minimum of 10+ buyer transactions per month.

  • Start-up cost: $5,000 | Reserves: $25,000.

  • Time to launch: 4-6 Weeks.

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