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About Us

Learn about the benefits of being at AMP Mortgage and how you can develop your own brokerage!

Introducing AMP

AMP Mortgage is an end-to-end, full-service mortgage consulting firm helping real estate professionals launch independently owned and operated mortgage brokerages. It has become increasingly difficult for brokers and agents to generate revenue within a shrinking volume and margin environment. To address this concern, we are excited to introduce the AMP Mortgage concept.

We help brokers and agents make more money and keep more of what they earn.


By creating the future of real estate and mortgage partnerships, AMP Mortgage offers a turnkey, private-label, entirely independently owned mortgage brokerage to real estate teams and professionals. AMP does the work, from end-to-end, with a complete setup of accounting, employee onboarding licensing, legal & compliance, and services, all backed by innovative technology. Powered by Arcstone Financial, a California mortgage banker, AMP Mortgage has been under the leadership of Mardi Kari, its Co-founder and Owner, since 2002.

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